Silver Star Property Owners Association


a non-profit society

registered in 2003

to “represent the best interests of the property owners of Silver Star Mountain to any and all organizations and committees having an influence or effect on the operation, development or governance of the community.”

Since the inception of SSOA, members of the executive have met with and made presentations to Members of Government, the Resort Management, and other authorities, to discuss and resolve various issues such as;

  • the secondary road access, renovation requirements, roadway and street maintenance,

  • street lights, sewerage service, signage, water service, community planning,

  • and the OCP issue on parks and recreation.

The SSPOA Executive meets monthly and an annual general meeting (AGM) is held in December. Minutes of the Executive meetings together with a newsletter are circulated monthly.

The current membership of approximately 200, is made up from the commercial/retail sector, a Strata complex, the Resort, and individual homeowners.

The Silver Star Property Owners Association is dedicated to making Silver Star Mountain a sustainable community and a wonderful place to live, play and holiday.

We need you to achieve these goals


Membership fees per annum are CDN$10.00

Strata complexes CDN$5.00 per unit

Circulated by the SSPOA executive

President, Ted Pleavin, Past President, Drew Eyre, Vice-President, Sandy Cook, Secretary, Stuart Moir, Treasurer, Marnie Gilchrist, Directors, Eric Young & Wolfe Schoenne